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Aurra Energy

Formed in 2016 to provide the UAE, Middle East and North African market with BIC- “BEST IN CLASS" high-quality, reliable products in the field of Deep Cycle batteries, Battery chargers and Auto accessories. We are one of the leading distributors of TUBULAR DEEP CYCLE Monobloc batteries with 1200 cycles manufactured in state of the art NBA factory in Italy, Europe.

Since its establishment, AURRA ENERGY has been providing top class range of products and services that include high performing lead-acid Tubular monobloc batteries and GEL batteries in 6Volt, 8Volt, 12Volt, 2Volt Tubular Traction Cells from NBA (Italy), VRLA- Valve Regulated Lead Acid Sealed AGM batteries and Flooded flat plate batteries from LEOCH (China).

We offer custom battery packs, BMS and chargers ensuring high performing and safely integrated systems with advanced Lithium-ion technology for maximum performance, run-time and safety in electronic devices from STEATITE, UK.

We are also a supplier of single-phase high frequency multi-configuration smart battery chargers of 12Volt, 24Volt, 36Volt, 48Volt, 80Volt and three-phase traditional forklift battery chargers from SPE - Italy.

Our batteries and chargers are widely used in applications such as Cleaning Machine, Golf Cart, Ariel Work Platform (AWP), Fork Lift, Marine boat, Yacht, Jet ski, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Data Center, Emergency light , Solar energy system, Fire alarm, Security & CCTV Camera, Electric vehicle, E-bike, Wheel Chair, Railway, Telecommunication power system, Elevator, Lift, Escalator, Recreation vehicle (RV), Motor home, Quad bike and many more.

Aurra Energy offers wide range of industrial battery and charger components like plug connectors (REMA-DIN/FLAT connectors & ANDERSON-SBE connectors), inter-cell connectors, exit cables, filler/packing plates, aqua accessories, push-in-plugs, dayonet plugs with float, battery filling systems which includes filter and flow indicators, quick-connect couplings for water circulation, hose systems, gravity tanks etc.

AURRA ENERGY has a reputation of maintaining high quality across all of its products and has been supplying batteries and chargers in all the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates (DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, AJMAN, RAS AL KHAIMAH, FUJAIRAH & UMM AL QUWAIN and also re-exporting to SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN, QATAR, OMAN, KUWAIT, EGYPT, JORDAN & other Middle East and North African countries.

Our clients trust our brand and our company due to our superior quality products and impeccable service, which guarantee to provide the greatest value for money.

Our motto is Radiating Excellence

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