Nuova Brescia Accumulatori Srl - NBA, founded in 1986 in Gambara (Brescia), is able to satisfy a wide range of application needs - thanks to the wide range of lead accumulators for start-up, stationary and light and industrial traction, entirely of own production.

NBA products are essentially characterized by easy handling, low weight, easy maintenance, high capacity and long life. They manufacture all the types of batteries required by market: automotive, industrial traction (lead/acid and gel), light traction in monoblocks (lead/acid and gel), stationary (lead/acid and gel).

In the construction phase, carried out with advanced assembly techniques, very high quality materials are used which guarantee the maximum strength of the components and allow a longer life cycle of the accumulator. Checks carried out at each manufacturing stage, machining accuracy and company organization subjected to strict protocols assure a Certified Quality. Thanks to the owners’ determination and constant application together with the active involvement of the staff, NBA has been a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14000 certified company for lots of years!

Thanks to its recognized quality and reliability, NBA has gained a prominent position in the worldwide market providing high technological and innovative solutions for performing in different fields of application.

NBA is a continuously evolving company, able to grow in line with the market changes and to consolidate its name on the main worldwide markets.

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